Revenue Management and Online Marketing for Independent Hotels


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INNCREASE are a hotel support agency based in Queensland, Australia. We are a collective of hoteliers, revenue managers, online marketers and creatives types. Most importantly, we are a group of down to earth folk who love meeting new people and finding revenue generating opportunities for hotels all over the globe.

Our target clients are independent (non-branded) hotels and motels. We have collaborated with all kinds of properties over the years and we are yet to meet a property owner we couldn't help, so why not get in touch with us today!





The travel industry's adoption of internet technology continues to have a profound impact on hotel operations. OTA Management, Channel Management, Rate Management, Reputation Management, Social Media Management, Guest Engagement and the like, are all duties that have either been borne off the back of internet technology, or have evolved into a cloud-based application requiring daily input and regular maintenance.

As the online workload heaped upon hoteliers continues to grow, staff budgets do not keep nearly the same pace. Essential tasks and services expected of any good accommodation provider are either being mishandled or completely neglected.

To operate a successful independent hotel and effectively compete in this ever-evolving, hyper competitive industry, hotel owners must rethink their labor structure and embrace the concept of outsourcing.



No formal qualifications are required to enter the accommodation industry. This is the case for both owners and their employees.

Many owners have turned to accommodation as a lifestyle change, often with misguided expectations. Quickly they realise the complexity and intensity of hotel operations.

Employing staff off the street with the right mix of attitude, experience and skill is becoming more challenging with each passing year. The employment pool is especially limited in regional towns. Smaller properties have tighter budget constraints, further limiting their recruitment options.

Hotel owners must protect their investments by looking further afield for highly skilled staff with proven experience in hotel operations, revenue management and online marketing. Onsite managers must surround themselves with the right team to support them, while they focus on the operational and hospitality side of the business.



The accommodation industry is well known for its high rate of staff turnover. At any time a staff member can resign on short notice. Most properties have been through this many times and know the impact this can have on the business.

Losing a good general manager, front office manager or receptionist is costly to a hotel on many levels. When a staff member is farewelled, so too is that individuals understanding of the business and industry experience. This is invaluable intellectual property that can be difficult to replace. Training new staff is expensive, time consuming, distracting and offers no guarantee of a good return.

Hotel owners must reduce risk by investing in agency-style support staff that are reliable, stable and committed to the long term success of their business.